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18 Nov 2008    Cleansing Your Body with a Detox Foot Spa or Detox Foot Bath
30 Jun 2008    How Can A Detox Foot Bath Alleviate Symptoms from Toxins?
19 May 2008    The Detox Foot Bath Or Detox Foot Spa Can Help Your Body Return to its Natural State Of Harmony And Balance!
7 Dec 2007    The Detox Foot Spa, Relax and Revitalize your Life.
3 Nov 2007    The Detox Foot Spa, Can it Cure Your Sleeplessness?
18 Oct 2007    The Ion Detox Foot Spa
18 Sep 2007    The Infrared Lamp
15 Sep 2007    The Infrared Heat Lamp, it's history and benefits
20 Aug 2007    The many benefits achieved by using a Infrared Lamp
9 Jul 2007    Far infrared saunas and weight loss
26 Jun 2007    Far Infrared Saunas a Revolutionary Technology Revealed for Healing and Health
8 May 2007    The Chi Machine, Your Body's Best Friend
2 May 2007    Stress and Your Health
20 Mar 2007    Mom's Against Mercury Vs FDA
7 Jan 2006    How To Detoxify Your Body and Why is it important?
7 Jan 2006    Major Benefits of Far Infrared Sauna Heat
7 Jan 2006    How Effective are Far Infrared Sauna's
7 Jan 2006    Arthritis Teatment with Far Infrared Sauna
7 Jan 2006    Diabetes and Far Infrared Sauna
7 Jan 2006    Lose Weight With Far Infrared Sauna

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