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Articles > Far infrared saunas and weight loss

9 Jul 2007


Far infrared saunas are becoming quite popular in the weight loss regimens of many people. These saunas can be a vital tool in burning calories and losing water weight as well. In fact, most people will burn somewhere in the range of 100 to 200 calories for each half hour they are in one of the quality far infrared saunas. Comparatively, jogging will only burn 300 calories for the same person and same duration of time. The far infrared sauna originated in Japan and Eastern Asia but just recently become popular in the Western world. In fact, it can be counted on to lose at least one pound of sweat during a session, but this weight will be easily gained back by hydrating; the calories you burned, however, will not be gained back with proper dieting.
Far infrared saunas cause weight loss by penetrating the skin and forcing sweat and other toxins out of the body through the pores. These machines work differently than a normal sauna in that the actual temperature they operate at is much lower (80 to 120 degrees compared to 180 to 220 degrees). Instead of pulling the sweat from pores, these infrared waves that vibrate at the same frequency as humans, penetrate the skin as deep as 1.5 inches and begin to heat from inside. In fact, fat becomes water soluble at just 100 degrees and moves throughout the bloodstream and eventually out of the body. For these reasons, far infrared saunas have become the new rage in weight loss.
Also, far infrared saunas can aid in the removal of unsightly cellulite which is caused by fat, water and other toxins that appear in pockets under the skin. Profuse sweating has been a method for aiding cellulite for many years and is exactly what the far infrared sauna can do for you.

James Carden
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