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Infrared Lamps

Experience Wondrous Healing using a Infrared Heat Lamp! 

 The Far Infrared Lamp or TDP Lamp which means "Special Electromagnetic Spectrum" in Chinese were invented in the 1980’s and have been used in China and other Eastern Countries for 30 years. These Far Infrared Lamps work by emitting a far infrared spectrum of energy that is specific to the mineral emission plate on the head of the far infrared lamp.  for additional information.Contact us by: using our contact form 
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Infrared Lamps:

A infrared heat lamp will help with numerous diseases from skin problems to cancer. When the infrared waves enter the body, they heat the cells and actually push the toxins from the body out through the pores. It allows for expansion of capillaries which aids in circulation. It can remove cellulite outright. Far infrared lamps will even help a stiff neck or back by targeting that area of your body and loosing up the muscles. The sweat generated from these machines has been found to contain up to 1/5 toxins. Many people have touted their use for increasing the health of the immune system and others even say they have been instrumental in fighting off different forms of cancer.Infrared lamps have proven themselves to be  miraculously effective in treating medical conditions such as: back pain, arthritis pain, joint pain, chronic wounds, cancer, and skin conditions like herpes and psoriasis.The Far Infrared Lamp is well known for its ability to treat over 100 chronic conditions. We carry a wide selection of genuine infrared lamps at great prices. 

While some may be skeptical of their use, the benefits are proven. The toxins have been scientifically proven to exit the body through the pores as well as its ability to promote circulation and relieve inflammation. If you are skeptical of the beneficial powers of infrared  lamps, allow yourself a few sessions to experience just what they can do for you.
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