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 The Detox Foot Spa or Detox Foot Bath, Will They Work For Me?

 Detox Foot Baths have become popular in the last few years, and as always with anything new, someone's has to come up with an opposing opinion on it. We are now starting to see some negative opinions published on the subject as can be expected to happen. What is rather somewhat amazing is that most of those who oppose and that cry the loudest have never used a detox foot bath or detox foot spa for themselves. They are just going by what someone told them or by something else they have read. So before you go into agreement with the Nay Sayers, read through the rest of this report, You will still have plenty of time to decide on whether or not this is something for you.

First off, due in no small part to the quick-buck artists and to others that can generally be classed in the same category there has been a lot of false or misconstrued information published about the Detox Foot Bath or Detox Foot Spa that I would like to clear up. The unit itself does not detox you! It's not about detoxing through the pores of your feet. Or even the color the water changes to during the Detox Foot Bath/Detox Foot Spa session. Let me explain.

Every person's body has its own electrical impulses that systematically flow within the body. In a healthy person the electro magnetic energy flow goes uninterrupted. However, as toxicity, injury and illness transpire the electrical flow can be slowed, rerouted or even stopped as this starts to happen the person starts to feel sluggish, even sick. The Detox Foot Bath, which is not a medical device but rather an instrument of assistance, gently creates and releases a current of positive and negative ions into the Detox Foot Spa water so that the body can absorb them through the feet. These ions then travel throughout the body. The negative ions can create a sense of well being. The primary purpose here is to restore the proper flow of the body's electro magnetic impulses so that the person's body can heal itself. The actual detox process starts and takes place over the 24-72 hour period after the Detox Foot Spa Session It is the combined benefit of the body being reenergized and then detoxed that occurs after the Detox Foot Spa or Detox Foot Bath session that we are interested in,on a very rare occasion a person that embarks on a detox foot bath regimen, may feel worse afterwards and possibly the next day as well. Detoxing can make you feel that way. Most of the time the reverse occurs and people feel energetic. When the body's bio-electric- magnetic system starts to balance, the body can go into healing mode that means detoxing so the bodies cells can function as they should. The detoxing takes place after the session and that's why you want to let 24 to 72 hours elapse between your Detox Foot Bath-Detox Foot Spa Sessions. This allows your body to naturally detox itself through its natural elimination systems. Also you should drink plenty of water during this time period. 

My wife's arthritis fully cleared up after about 10 sessions of the Detox Foot Bath or Detox Foot Spa we did not change anything else and my wife reported that she felt better and better after each foot bath. It is not unusual for a person to have received four to six Detox Foot Spa sessions before they really begin to feel how much the Detox Foot Bath -Detox Foot Spa is helping them. Now, let's address the color change in the water. Pay no attention to the color of the water. With or without feet in the water you will get color change. While it is particularly interesting to watch, it is not coming out of your body, although if one studied samples of the water there may be some minute traces of toxins. Remember it is the 24-72 hours after the session that a person really beings to detox.

I do think more studies need to be done, and not just studies of what is in the water, but rather what is it actually taking place for the individual. There have been a number of polls done showing the positive effect of The Detox Foot Bath or Detox Foot Spa.Don't be afraid to try a Detox Foot Bath and see what it could possibly do for you!

This article is for info only and does not make any claims about curing anything.  



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The Detox Foot Spa or Detox Foot Bath is available in a single or dual model for home and professional use.  


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