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The Chi vitalizer is an Excellent Buy - Thank you!

Buyer ID venetia1958 on April 5, 2005
QUICK delivery ! Easy transaction ! FEELS GREAT !!!!

Buyer ID tortiboo on April 5, 2005
The Chi Vitalizer is a Great product, great price, fast shipping. Thanks!

Buyer ID mistymom1 on April 5, 2005
Thanks, great service! good quality products! shipped fast

Buyer ID rolly838 on April 5, 2005
I just wanted to thank you for your help in getting the large infrared heat lamp. You were more than patient and extremely helpful and wanted you to know how grateful I am. It is so nice to have someone like you to work with.

Thank you again.

amscsjo on April 6, 2005
Hi James,

I would just like to say that I received the WQ10 Acupuncture Unit yesterday and to thank you for such fast and efficient service.

Carol on April 14, 2005
Thank you so much. Just wanted to let you know I received my sauna on Saturday and I just love it. Thank you. Nadia

Nadia on October 10, 2005
Hi James!
I'm very happy. Today by 4 o'clock I got my Chi Vitalizer. I couldn't wait to try it. I got 15 min. of relaxing fun. I'll tell my friends of the wonder of this unit.

Thanks, Ruth

Ruth on October 10, 2005
Recently purchased a REFLEXOLOGY FOOT MASSAGER WITH INFRARED AND MAGNETIC WAVE THERAPY for a lady friend and was extremely happy when the item appeared at my door two days later! The unit is extremely well built and functions just as the advertisement said it would. I am very pleased with the follow up contacts with Customer Service also. The price of less than $100 is remarkable as units identical to it are selling in my local area in Massage Outlets for over $250!!! I live in the san Francisco/Bay area. Again thanks for the "personal touch" which makes buying items on the Internet so valuable and easy.

Jay on November 17, 2005
I just got the sauna today and I used it right away!  I have to tell you that I love it!  The heat is nice and hot ,and I was pouring sweat within 5 minutes. 
After I finished and cleaned up and took a shower I noticed that I still feel warm inside myself... and it feels so good.  I've been freezing, down to my bones, for more than a week now since the weather got really cold here. But now I feel toasty and comfortable!  
I just wanted to let you know that I'm very happy with my purchase.  :)
Darlene on December 15,2005
Hi James,
      I just wanted to let you know that my massage bed arrived on Tuesday, the 18th.   My husband helped me get it all down to the basement on Wednesday and I assembled it on Wednesday night.  And I used it on Wednesday night and again on Thursday night. 
 It was really easy to assemble and my husband helped lift the heavy parts.  The mahogany wood sections are really nice quality and during the assembly process my husband wanted to protect it from the concrete floor of the basement, so we went to the hardware store and purchased a pad and carpet to put under the massage bed.
 I have to tell you, so far I think it's great!  I always wanted a live-in chiropractor, and now I think I have one!  Only this one's better.  I can control it and it has heat!  What could be better? 
Thank you, James
Lori on April 21, 2006 
My mother is 88 years old, and a 12 year stroke victim, leaving her 50% paralyzed.  She's had pressure ulcers for most of those 12 years, but recently broke her ankle, which made her bedridden.  The sores got so bad, they hospitalized her for the infection, but I insisted we bring her home, as I felt I could better care for her.  We have been using the TDP Mineral lamp daily ever since it was received, and are seeing amazing results!  The external surface of the sores are almost completely gone! Thank you very much.  I only wish I would have known about this type of treatment 12 years ago.
Thank you again, not only for the TDP lamp itself, but for your personal attention in the matter.
Alice M.
P.S.  I am recommending it to others, as well as passing the information on to home-care nurses.
Alice on December 27th 2006

Hi James,
I just picked up the Chi machine from the post office and wanted to Thank You for your wonderful Service. I really appreciated you taken the time on the phone and helped me decide what kind to get and your help with getting it here before Christmas at a great price. I can't wait to see my husbands face.

Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas, Elisabeth Z.
December 22nd 2006


James, just a note to let you know that I am enjoying my new sauna. I come home and look forward to getting into it and relaxing. Although,  my sauna is specifically for detox, I look forward to using it as enjoyment. I sleep well and I am sure that I am detoxing along the way. 
I am referring a customer to you, and know that she will be as satisfied as I am.
I will periodically keep you posted. Take care and thanks again.
Mary Ann on March 31, 2007
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