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Super low sale prices on Medical Equipment and Supplies including, the professional infrared Lamp and the far infrared Lamp and portable far infrared saunas. We feature one of the largest Electronic Acupuncture Machines selections available.

If you are suffering from back, neck, or shoulder pain including arthritis pain or another type of muscle or joint pain a professional far infrared lamp is your pain relief solution We are honored to be recognized as one of the best far infrared lamp suppliers and TDP Lamp parts suppliers’ available. Our Chi Machine catalog offers only the highest quality Chi Machines available today. Plus we have our most popular Chi Machines on sale with free shipping. 


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Professional Infrared Lamps and Far Infrared lamps


The Far Infrared Lamp is known by many names including the TDPLamp, Miracle Lamp, Healing Lamp, and several other names, and the name infrared lamp is often used although the infrared lamp is different from the far infrared lamp. Because the Far Infrared Lamp has proven so effective at relieving pain, it is sometimes called the “Miracle Lamp." The Far Infrared Lamp is unlike any other lamp. Instead of an Infrared bulb, the far infrared Lamp uses a mineral emission plate that is coated with a proprietary mineral blend that is formulated with 33 elements that are essential to the human body. The Far Infrared Lamp operates in the infrared range of 2-25 microns that the body absorbs deep into its tissues, muscles, and joints. The special magnetic waves combined with the far infrared therapy bring instant relief to the painful areas of the body. Including neck, upper and lower back pain, shoulder pain, and arthritis pain. A genuine Far Infrared Lamp is your pain relief solution. We carry a large selection of Genuine Mineral Lamps at discount prices. Need Parts? Visit our TDP Lamp Repair-Parts Catalog


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Chi Machines

Our Chi Machine selection includes the Chi Vitalizer  one of the most effective Chi Machines available today. Regular use of the Chi Swing Machine increases your energy, aligns your spine, raises your metabolic rate, improves your blood circulation and enables detoxification. Additional benefits include stress relief, relaxation, insomnia, constipation relief, and lower back pain relief. Plus we are able to provide this multispeed chi machine at a 50% discount Plus we have the Detox Foot Bath at wholesale prices to restore the body's healing system.





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Portable Far Infrared Saunas

Save over 50% off retail prices our portable far infrared saunas range in both size and price. The Far Infrared Sauna is the only way to effectively detox the body from heavy metals, including mercury, a poisonous metal used as a filling for teeth. This has caused hundreds of thousands of people to suffer from what appeared to be untreatable health problems. If you are over 40 years of age and you had fillings in your teeth it is almost certain that you should use a Far Infrared Sauna to detox your body. For fast effective detox, try the new Thera Sauna far infrared portable sauna line. Our far infrared sauna portable sale will provide you with a great selection of the highest qualtiy personal far infrared portable saunas


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Air Neck Traction

Our Air Neck traction units. relieve neck pain and tension as your head floats on a cushion of air! Anytime you need relief from muscles tightening, joint and nerve pressure building up, or a headache coming on, just reach for our Neck Therapy unit and place it around your neck. Then, pump the inflation bulb until you feel a comfortable stretch. This stretching gently relaxes the tight muscles, and relieves joint and nerve pressure. 




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Electronic Acupuncture Machines

 Electronic acupuncture provides all of the health benefits of traditional acupuncture without the pain that can be experienced by using a solid body needle. For the first time in history, you can experience all of the benefits of acupuncture and easily detect active acupoints by using electro-acupuncture. We stock a large selection of acupuncture units and acupuncture pens with multipurpose clinical and home applications. Electro Acupuncture at great prices!  

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Chi Machine-Infrared Lamps-Far Infrared Saunas to Cure Ailments

An Infrared Lamp is a simple way to deliver the infrared heat to your body which is healing. The warmth helps in increasing blood flow in skin tissues and this relieves pain form most common ailments such as arthritis, muscle pain, neck pain, and back pain. An Infrared Heat Lamp works by emitting a far infrared ray of energy specific to the mineral emission plate which is mounted in the head of the infrared lamp. An Infrared Lamp can also be used to treat most skin rashes and conditions including acne, psoriases, even wound healing such as bed sores on invalids. A Far Infrared Heat Lamp can also boost facial beauty speeding up skin clarification. Regular 20- 30 minutes session with a far infrared lamp can provide a great deal of healing to your body.

Detoxify your body using Portable Far Infrared Saunas:

Regular use of Portable Far Infrared Saunas remove carcinogenic heavy metals, nicotine, alcohol, cholesterol and sodium and other toxins from the body. Far Infrared saunas emit 7 to 14 micron range heat with a peak of 9.4 microns which is easier to absorb as it is the same heat produced by human body. Far Infrared Sauna therapy expands clogged capillary vessels and dissolves toxins into and forces it out of the body. If you want to shed some real weight Infrared Saunas are the best as they speed up the metabolic process of endocrine glands and vital organs which helps tremendously with weight loss. A person with sports injuries need not worry as you can get relief by using Far Infrared Saunas at home. Far Infrared saunas help to reduce and clear the cellulite, the lump of fat and water trapped beneath skin. It drives away the toxins of chemical laden make-up, conditioners, soaps and initiates blood circulation giving healthy well toned skin. It takes away the dead cells and impurities deeply embedded leaving the skin speckles, improved elasticity and fresh color. It is also effective in clearing eczema, acne, psoriasis and all other skin related problems. The gentle heat of Portable Far Infrared saunas stimulates the cells which in turn provide comprehensive cleansing. Now get ready to burn those stubborn calories using Far Infrared saunas and experience your ‘ultimate chi ’.

Chi, the widespread concept of eastern medication

chi machine helps to oxygenate and detox your body and regain the life force “Chi” you are losing with everyday stress. The Chi Machine moves the body in a gentle fishtail or “S”motion while the user passively relaxes.

Research suggests that it takes 30 minutes of jogging to equal t 15 minutes of using a Chi Machine. A Chi Machine is portable so they can easily be transported if you travel. A Chi Machine has huge benefits including increasing body energy, decrease stress, weight loss, detox, elevate the immune system, a Chi Machine will help fights colds, asthma, bronchitis, and many respiratory troubles. A Chi machine is great for those with limited mobility as in order to achieve these benefits what you needed to do is lie down and relax for at least half an hour.


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