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 The Far Infrared Lamp or TDP Lamp which means "Special Electromagnetic Spectrum" in Chinese were invented in the 1980’s and have been used in China and other Eastern Countries for 30 years. These Far Infrared Lamps work by emitting a far infrared spectrum of energy that is specific to the mineral emission plate on the head of the far infrared lamp.  for additional information.Contact us by: Telephone: 678-528-3507  
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Desktop TDP Far Infrared Lamp Mineral Therapy

Desktop TDP Far Infrared Lamp Mineral Therapy 

This Desktop TDP Far Infrared Mineral Therapy Lamp is lightweight and compact. it is perfect for those that need to treat a problem with their  wrist, elbow, or hand. It features a 4.5 inch head and a mechanical timer that will allow timed treatments of 0-60 minutes. This Far Infrared Mineral Therapy Lamp uses the same technology as the larger floor models in a compact size. You will need a steady table or other surface to place the lamp  on when it is in use. Weight of the lamp alone is around 14 pounds. To learn more about the Desktop TDP Far Infrared Mineral Therapy Lamp   Click on the picture or the title of this listing. Have questions? call us: 678-528-3507

Orig.: $127.99
Sale: $89.77

Sky Eye Far Infrared Lamp, Desktop TDP Lamp

Desktop  Sky Eye Far Infrared Lamp Far Infrared Mineral Therapy

The Sky Eye Infrared Lamp is finally available in a smaller desktop version for the home user. The Sky Eye Infrared Lamp Desktop Version features the same 99.6% Pure Far Infrared therapy as the larger floor model for less than one half of the price. The Sky Eye Infrared Lamp Desktop Version is powered by the same high qualtiy far infrared generators as the larger floor model. The output power is 200 Watts and the far infrared generatators produce 99.6% pure Far Infrared therapy as only the Sky Eye quality can. The Sky Eye Far Infrared Lamp Professional Grade Floor Model can be seen by clicking here  Have questions? Call Us: 678-528-3507

Orig.: $220.00
Sale: $179.90

Far Infrared Lamp with Large Head, Duralite Base, Burn Shield

 The JDS 9800 Far Infrared Lamp

The JDS 9800 Far Infrared Lamp features the best technology available in a far infrared lamp at this price point. Here are a few of the many features:

Large 6.5" head with wide dispersion technology.

Duralite base 4 leg design

Manual timer 0-60 minutes

This is our best selling Far Infrared Lamp

For most conditions, just aim the JDS9800ACZ Far Infrared Lamp at the affected area-bare skin,with the head around 12-14 inches away. Leave it there for 30 minutes. The deep penetrating far infrared energy will be felt as gentle warmth in the treated area See the complet specification and the far infrared lamp benefits by clicking on the picture or the headline above. Questions? Call Us: 678-528-3507

Orig.: From $199.00
Sale: From $156.77

TDP Lamp CQ 29- III Features Long Life Heater and A New Safety Head

The CQ29-III Far Infrared Lamp

The CQ29-III TDP Lamp features the latest upgrades and technology available in the time tested CQ29 Far Infrared Lamp series. The Far infrared Lamp features include the latest heat technology which uses Far Infrared tubes in place of the old wire coil heater system, This Far Infrared Lamp floor model  is great to provide far infrared lamp therapy with its large 7" head and 6.5" mineral plate. The lamp features either the traditional 4 leg metal base with heavy duty casters. Or the newer and lighter 5 leg Duralite base. The CQJH 292  operates at the proven 2-25 Micron Range and a slightly faster heat up time. To see more about this quality lamp click on the product picture or the headline link above. Questions? Call Us: 678-528-3507

Orig.: $199.77
Sale: $134.99

UL Listed FDA 510K Approved TDP Heat Lamp With 5 Leg Base, Burn Shield

 Far Infrared Lamp UL Listed, 5 Leg Stabilizer Base and Burn Shield 

The CQ 27 is the original model TDP Far Infrared Lamp The Lamp head is 5" with a 4.75" Mineral Emission Plate.The New UL Certified CQ 27 Far Infrared Lamp features a 5 leg stabilizer base and a face screen burn shield. The New CQ 27 meets CSA 22.2 No 601.1 and UL 60601 Standard, FDA approved. The CQ 27 lamp is new in the box wth the manufacturer's warranty.  Now available the new UL Certified Digital Model with the large 6.5" mineral plate, 5 Leg Stabilizer base and burn shield UL certified and and FDA approved. Please click on the picture or the headline above and then see the other options box on the top right side of the page. Have Questions? Call Us: 678-528-3507

Orig.: From $229.00
Sale: From $179.00

TDP Lamp CQ-36 UL Listed FDA 510K Approved Heat Lamp With Digital Controls, 5 Leg Base.

 The UL approved TDP CQ-36 heat lamp features digital controls,  plus an extra large mineral emission plate that is  6.5". Additional features include:  a  5 point base for stability,and  a burn shield for added safety,  the specially engineered TDP CQ-36 features a "black body" emission heating plate which is coated with a proprietary mineral formulation consisting of 33 elements. When activated by a built-in electric heating element, this mineral plate emits a special band of far infrared electromagnetic energy which penetrates deep into the human body. The human body (cells) has a higher absorption efficiency for far infrared energy than near infrared. The emission head can be positioned as low as 12" (for treating feet) to 60". Depending on the treated condition, repeated treatments of 20 to 40 minutes are recommended. Easy assembly. UL approved.

Orig.: $299.00
Sale: $234.04

TDP Lamp Featuring Digital Controls The Latest Heat Technology

 Far Infrared Lamp Features Digital Controls and the Latest Heat Technology  

The Far Infrared Lamp model CQJH36 features the latest heat technology which  uses ceramic tubes in place of the old  wire coil heaters. This is the same technology that was used in most Far Infrared Saunas for years.  This Far Infrared TDP Lamp is the big sister to the CQJH29-III Far Infrared Lamp  this is       which which    

This is the model with digital controls. which many people prefer because of it's silent operation.additional features include: Large 6.5 inch mineral plate and 4 leg metal base with heavy duty caster. See the full specifications of this lamp by clicking on the picture or the headline above. Have Questions? Call Us: 678-528-3507

Orig.: $334.00
Sale: $198.91

Special Model TDP Mineral Heat Lamp with Two Heads

 Far Infrared Lamp Therapy, TDP Lamp with 2 heads

Enjoy the benefits of being able to provide far infrared lamp therapy with this special model that features two heads. Each lamp head features its own set of manual controls and seperate power cord and plugs. So you can use one lamp to treat one person and leave the other lamp powered off. or use both heads to treat two different areas of the body such as the stomach area and the knee area at the same time. The lamp features 2 -5" heads and manual controls that include a timer that can be set from 0-60 minutes for each lamp head. Get creative and use one of the heads for 30 minutes and set the timer on the other lamp head for only 20 minutes.  See the specifications for this lamp by clicking on the picture or the title above. Haev Questions? Call Us: 678-528-3507

Orig.: $239.00
Sale: $199.00

Sky Eye Far-Infrared Lamp.Features 800 Watts, No Pre-Heating Required. Instant On Technology.

 Sky Eye Far Infrared Lamp

 The Sky Eye Far Infrared Lamp has features that are not found on any other Far Infrared Lamp including:800 watts of 99.6% pure far infrared therapy produced by the Sky Eye's own Far Infrared Generators. Instant On technology means there is no warm up period required. The Sky Eye Far Infrared Lamp is the only far infrared lamp on the market that can make these claims. These features and the lamps durability are the reason the Sky Eye Far Infrared Lamp is used extensively by clinics and hospitals around the world. The Sky Eye FIR high powered Far Infrared Lamp is FDA Listed and approved. The Sky Eye Far Infrared lamp is also known as the WoundCarePro-3000 lamp. 




Orig.: $1,200.00
Sale: $895.00

Infrared Heat Lamp Floor Model with Manual Control, Stablizer Base

 Infrared Lamp With Manual Controls 250 Watt Bulb, Stabilizer Base Silent Timer, Remote Control

This high Quality Infrared lamp is made in Korea, and features a 250 watt bulb, a silent timer that will not disturb patients. and a wired remote control so that the heat can be adjusted easily by either the practicer or the patient. the lamp also features a stabilizer base and burn shield for added safety. To see the complete description on this great lamp click on the product picture or on the headline above. Have Questions? Call Us: 678-528-33507

Orig.: $199.00
Sale: $169.00

Infrared Heat Lamp For Infrared Light Therapy-Digital Controls

 Infrared Lamp Featuring Digital Controls, 250 Watt Bulb, Stabilizer  Base, Burn Shield.

Made in Korea for the best quality available in an infrared lamp. The powerful 250 watt bulb will provide maximum pain relief to sore muscles, arthritis, muscle and joint pain.  The stabilizer base and the burn shield  provide added safety. the read light emitted by this lamp is clearly viable. To see the full detail click on the product picture or the headline above. Have Questions? Call Us: 678-528-3507

Orig.: $329.00
Sale: $199.00

Professional Infrared Lamp FDA 510K Listed
  • Input: AC 110 - 120 V, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Adjustable heat with easy maneuver dial control
  • 2 durable quiet timers clockwise up to 60 minutes; one timer for doctor, the other for patient
  • Adjustable “goose neck” & height for all your treatment needs
  • Suggested time of heating, 20 - 30 minutes as per manufacturer
  • Infrared bulb (250W) included
  • UL Listed parts
  • Weight: 20 Lbs.
  • Dimension: 62” H x 22” W x 22” D
  • Warranty: 1 Year Unconditional  Warranty
  • Made in Korea 

Orig.: $370.00
Sale: $320.26

Infrared Lamps:

A infrared heat lamp will help with numerous diseases from skin problems to cancer. When the infrared waves enter the body, they heat the cells and actually push the toxins from the body out through the pores. It allows for expansion of capillaries which aids in circulation. It can remove cellulite outright. Far infrared lamps will even help a stiff neck or back by targeting that area of your body and loosing up the muscles. The sweat generated from these machines has been found to contain up to 1/5 toxins. Many people have touted their use for increasing the health of the immune system and others even say they have been instrumental in fighting off different forms of cancer.Infrared lamps have proven themselves to be  miraculously effective in treating medical conditions such as: back pain, arthritis pain, joint pain, chronic wounds, cancer, and skin conditions like herpes and psoriasis.The Far Infrared Lamp is well known for its ability to treat over 100 chronic conditions. We carry a wide selection of genuine infrared lamps at great prices. 

While some may be skeptical of their use, the benefits are proven. The toxins have been scientifically proven to exit the body through the pores as well as its ability to promote circulation and relieve inflammation. If you are skeptical of the beneficial powers of infrared  lamps, allow yourself a few sessions to experience just what they can do for you.
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