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TDP Lamp Far Infrared Lamp Featuring Near Infrared Bulb (Special 3-In-1 Technology)

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TDP Lamp

Special Far Infrared Lamp Featuring Near Infrared Bulb

3-In-1 Technology


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What's New In This TDP Heat Lamp:
This is the Newest TDP Lamp that utilizes near infrared and far infrared therapy along including all the added benefits of a TDP lamp. The near infrared (NIR) waves radiate from the curved, specialized red-colored bulb around the middle of the TDP lamp head. Meanwhile, the TDP lamp heating element starts to heat up the mineral plate that emits far infrared light (FIR). The mineral plate of the TDP lamp is coated with 33 ionized minerals, which are crucial for a human body. These three main therapeutic functions are what makes this TDP lamp a unique and special device. Not to mention that there are more bonus features.  
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The new and improved head of this TDP heat lamp is surrounded by premium-grade plastic housing, which lowers the risk of getting burned. While the traditional TDP lamp heads are housed in metal frames, that can get really hot. The TDP lamp head is connected to the top of the support arm with a simple tightening knob, which makes it really easy to replace the head when needed.
You Might Be Wondering, What Is a TDP Lamp?
TDP Lamp (also known as the “miracle lamp” for their results) were invented back in 1985 and won the product award for best therapeutic health device of the century. What makes these heat lamps different from other infrared heat lamps? A TDP Heat Lamp contains a mineral plate. This is a round plate coated by a mineral formation consisting of 33 elements essential to the human body. When the curing or mineral plate is initiated with a built-in heating element, it starts to emit far infrared or FIR waves. Since our bodies also emit this type of energy, FIR is easily absorbed in our skin as deep as 3.5 inches. This mineral plate is what distinguishes TDP lamps from other traditional far infrared lamps. The curing plate, when properly heated to the right temperature, ionizes the minerals and radiates them outward where your body absorbs it. It is called the Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy.


And How Does a TDP Lamp and Far Infrared Therapy Benefit You? See The Answers Below:



From Muscle to joint pain, or pain from arthritis, back pain, inflammation, scar tissue, sprains, soft tissue injuries and other similar conditions, all can benefit from infrared heat lamp therapy. It relieves pain in a relaxed, safe and comfortable way.


The far infrared light from this TDP lamp can produce nitric oxide, expand vessels and tiny capillaries which in result stimulate circulation and oxygenation. This helps deliver nutrients and repair cells, as well as remove waste products or toxins, from all across your body.


As vessels and capillaries expand, infrared heat lamp therapy starts a process to dissolve toxins by freeing water bonds. These water bonds are what stores toxins in your circulatory and lymphatic system.


With TDP lamp treatment, you can receive essential minerals that generate numerous biochemical benefits. Your body requires vitamins and minerals to regenerate and heal itself. When you are sick, hurt or fatigued, the body may not produce these essential minerals that help you recover. That is why the mineral plate in the TDP lamp head is coated with these key minerals. While in use, the mineral plate ionizes these materials and delivers them to your body.


Through its indirect heating, far infrared light therapy seems to increase the number of T-cells and white blood cells in our body, which fight numerous diseases. The improved blood circulation caused by the infrared heat lamp therapy helps these cells move the body more efficiently, while the white cells can use the nitric oxide generated by far infrared light to defend against tumors.


The far infrared heat that penetrates in your body from this heating lamp, burns calories and can animate your body to continue burning calories after your therapy is over. Metabolism also depends on the health of some organs and systems in your body. The detoxifying results of the far infrared wave, along with the essential minerals presented by the mineral plate, can keep this organ and systems well maintained and efficient.


With this TDP mineral lamp, you can get pain relief while having a warm, peaceful feeling. You can use this far infrared lamp anywhere in your home, or take it in your office. All you need to do is start the far infrared heat lamp, and position yourself to where you want the infrared heat lamp therapy. It will relax your muscles and do all those wonderful things mentioned above while relieving your pain.



  • Simple Control Panel: The TDP Heat Lamp has an uncomplicated and easy to use control panel, with all the options you need for a TDP lamp.
  • Built-in timer (0-60 minutes): You can set treatment duration by simply turning the dial clockwise, so you will not have to remind yourself to turn it off. If you do not want to use the built-in timer and rather leave the continuous power on. Just turn the dial counter-clockwise from the off position instead.
  • Head Adjusts To Any Direction: The TDP lamp head can tilt and turn to focus treatment in different directions for use.
  • Adjustable Height: The TDP mineral lamp comes with a support arm which is articulating and well-balanced. With the help of the height-adjustable column, it allows the user to direct and adjust the head in a vast array of positions. You can set the TDP lamp head from as low as 14” to as high as 65” from the ground.
  • Wheeled base: With the wheeled base, moving the TDP lamp within and in between rooms is easier than ever.
  • Long Lasting Hours: The TDP lamp head has an estimated working life of 1000-1500 hours. This means that they should last for years if used once a day for 20-minute treatments. If you need the TDP lamp replacement head, just contact us - we carry a complete line of TDP lamp replacement parts.



Order This TDP Heat Lamp Right Now and Enjoy the Health Benefits Of Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy!



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