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New TDP Lamp Provides Far Infrared and Near Infrared Therapy  Desk Model

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New 3 in 1 Far Infrared and Near Infrared Heat Lamp
with Mineral Therapy Desk Model

Introducing the all-new Desk Model TDP Lamp, the ultimate therapy lamp for your physical well-being! With near-infrared and far-infrared therapy, this lamp provides a complete package of benefits. The red-colored bulb near the center of the lamp head radiates near-infrared (NIR) waves, while the mineral plate emits far-infrared (FIR) waves along with 33 ionized minerals essential for your body. But that's not all - the lamp also features an integrated red (NIR) bulb, a high-grade plastic housing, and a simple control panel with power levels and working duration settings.

Say goodbye to sprains, back pain, and various skin conditions with the mineral-coated round plate that accelerates the decomposition of damaged cells. Get much-needed essential minerals and biochemical benefits that your body may lack due to illness, accident, or injury. The heat generated by the far-infrared waves burns calories, stimulates your metabolism, and detoxifies your body. Not to mention, it's a comfortable and relaxing way to enjoy the therapy.


The JDOHS Desktop 3 in one TDP Lamp is easy to use and comes with a one-year warranty. Simply assemble it and direct the heating lamp head(s) at the affected areas for 5-20 minutes the lamp Can be used for up to 6 to 20 treatments a day. With an average working life of 1000 hours, this lamp will last for years, and if you need replacement heads, we've got you covered.



Don't miss out on the incredible benefits of the JDOHS New Desk Model TDP and near infrared Lamp. Get yours today and invest in your physical well-being!

Assembly required.


One Year Warranty

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