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18 Sep 2007

What the heck is a infrared lamp and why would I ever use one? The initial reaction of those who come across a infrared lamp usually isn't very positive. However, that is a big mistake. Infrared lamps are quickly becoming the answer to body detoxification and many people swear by its use. No matter if you're already healthy or suffering from a serious disease, the waves emitted by a Infrared Lamp can prove useful in some fashion. A Infrared lamp is composed of an electrical plate that heats a special, proprietary clay blend that surrounds it. This clay contains a combination of many different elements of the Earth and when it is heated, it emits infrared waves that vibrate at the same frequency as the human body.
As scary as it sounds, the waves of a Infrared lamp will penetrate your body and begin heating the cells in your core. From here, all your cells will begin to heat and the toxins within those cells will literally be pushed out and through the pores as a part of your perspiration. This is known as "detoxifying" the body. Many people, especially those that scoff at the use of a infrared lamp, do not believe in detoxification. However, aside from the use of a infrared lamp for detoxification, there are numerous other benefits that may be of use to a skeptic. For example, the waves generate by these infrared lamps can ease inflammation and promote circulation, which is good for those suffering from minor aches and pains, a simple ankle sprain, or even diabetes.
An entire book could be written on the benefits of infrared waves, but one should just try a infrared lamp. These are affordable and cheap to run and also are very portable. Just a few sessions with a infrared lamp and any skeptic will begin to believe. The powers of healing from these infrared lamps are amazing. They even provide a healthy energy boost. The only way to truly understand how healthy you can feel is to try it. You never know until you try (a infrared lamp)!

James Carden
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