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7 Jan 2006

Major Benefits of Far Infrared Sauna Heat
FIR Sauna heat offers ways to:

Increase bodily energy
Lose weight
Reduce stress
Detoxify the body
Purify the skin
while elevating the immune system to fight off everything from the common cold, asthma and bronchitis to serious life threatening illness such as cancer.
To receive such benefits all you need to do is relax, and sit down for 15 to 30 minutes a day, while listening to your favorite music or watching a hit movie. Get most benefits from far infrared sauna by using it three or four time a week.

Scientists believe in safeguarding human’s health, both in body and mind. It should be without risk, inconvenience or exhausting effort in today's world and should be viewed not only as a luxury but also as a right.

Hundreds, even thousands of years ago, people turned to heat therapy as a source of healing although they could not refine the process. Now we have the refined the process! Try our portable infrared sauna. Our portable infrared sauna paved the way for the recognition of a natural phenomenon that is resurfacing with the support of the medical industry and rave reviews by its users.

Why is Far Infrared Red (FIR) so Popular?
FIR Sauna heat is clearly rising to the top of health administration requirements. Activated by heat, the FIR material emits FIR energy that is absorbed by human cells, causing a physical phenomenon called "resonance". Thus the cellular activities are instantly invigorated, resulting in a better blood circulation and an overall improved metabolism.

FIR Sauna heat therapy can aid in weight loss by speeding up the metabolic process of vital organs and endocrine glands resulting in substantial caloric loss in a sauna heat session.
It also increases heart rate and blood circulation, both crucial to maintaining one's health. The heart rate increases as more blood flow is diverted from the inner organs towards the extremities of the skin without heightening blood pressure.

For injuries, heat stimulates vasodilatation of peripheral blood vessels, bringing oxygen to joints and extremities, speeding the healing of sprains and strains, thus relieving pain.
The increased blood helps aching and injured muscles recover faster because the ber the flow of blood, the quicker metabolic and toxic waste products are purged from the body, through the skin during perspiration. The skin is often known as the third kidney, because it is believed to be responsible for eliminating up to 30% of body waste.

Having a FIR Sauna heat treatment before a massage also helps prepare the user by creating an overall relaxing effect. It loosens the muscle tissue so the therapist can do a more thorough and effective massage.

For that sought after healthy glow, FIR Sauna heat therapy allows increased blood circulation to carry great amounts of nutrients to the skin, thus promoting healthy tone and texture. A FIR Sauna heat bath also provides a mild cleansing of the skin.

By creating an "Artificial Fever", FIR heat has a positive effect on the immune system. Often misunderstood, fever is a natural healing response of the body. The function of the immune system is increased naturally during a fever, while virus and bacterial growth is slowed, weakening its hold. This helps the body ward off invading organisms. A FIR heat treatment in the early stages of a cold or flu has been known to stop the disease before the symptoms occur. Further studies into the benefits of FIR heat therapy is creating a new avenue of hope for those suffering from life threatening diseases such as cancer, which explains why the majority of FIR Sauna heat clientele base is affiliated with the medical industry.
FIR Sauna heat has made acquiring all the numerous benefits of FIR heat therapy easy and affordable, whenever and wherever you choose.

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