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Articles > The Infrared Heat Lamp, it's history and benefits

15 Sep 2007

Originating in China in the nineteen eighties, infrared heat lamps have quickly taken over the mainstream detoxifying market and are starting to take over many other markets as well. The benefits of these machines are actually numerous and quite surprising to those that have never heard of the technology. An infrared heat lamp emits invisible waves that work to heat the body in a unique way. Instead of heating the air aroundthe body, it heats the body's cells underneaththe skin. This unique heating method allows infrared heat lamps to push toxins and sweat from the body. The heat also causes the dilation of capillaries which improves circulation. With an infrared heat lamp, you can target problem areas. For example, those with poor circulation to their ankles, feet and toes will find the use of a targeted infrared heat lamp on their feet will increase the circulation and eliminate things like swelling and numbness.
But how can invisible waves penetrate my body and how is this safe? The invisible waves that emanate from the infrared heat lamp are vibrating a certain rate, and this rate just happens to be the same as the waves exiting the human body. Because of this, the skin and tissues do not block the waves from penetrating into the body. Also, because the waves are vibrating at the same rate as the body, they are completely safe and will not cause any harm like other types of waves. This method of pushing the sweat and toxins from the body is much more efficient than drawingthem from the body by heating the surrounding air. This also makes infrared heat lamps cheaper to operate.
Making use of this unique technology can increase your health and energy levels. Using an infrared heat lamp feels similar to sitting in the sun so the sensation is not uncomfortable. Feel free to use the lamp to target problems areas that have poor circulation or are stiff due to strains or arthritis to immediately make use of the benefits. Try an infrared heat lamp today!

James Carden
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