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7 Dec 2007

The Detox Foot Spa when it is used properly can be compared to sitting in a natural hot spring you simply place your feet in the detox foot bath and relax. It's recommended to spend approximately 20 - 30 minutes every few days. While sitting with your feet in the detox foot bath, the water will slowly change color depending on the source of the water and the individual. Anything from a milky white to a very dark brown is common. They say that the color of the water is also dependent on what toxins are being released from the body. In other words, different colors represent different areas or substances in the body. Basically what occurs is the module electrically stimulates the water and introduces negative ions which are very good for us. The feet have all of the nerves that connect to the whole body and really absorb that energy well. This ionized energy will then significantly help the body get rid of toxins. Everyone is different of course and a very healthy person will probably not experience much detox since they simply won't have as much as another person might. There are many different conditions that a detox foot spa can be used for besides relaxation and increasing overall energy levels. Some of the best reports have been with detoxification, liver, kidney, and colon problems, reducing inflammation, arthritis, improving sleep patterns, and more. People will generally feel more relaxed and energized with heightened mental clarity after the first treatment, but the real benefit is the cumulative healing effect of long- term usage.  Several tests suggest not only does it help to detoxify, but can help energetically balance your body including the endocrine system, heart, liver and pancreas. It's always wise to consult a doctor before trying something of this nature though, since people with pacemakers or other health conditions should be careful around electrical stimulation. But whether you are looking for a great detox method, or just more energy and relaxation, the detox foot spa is worth looking into.

Diane Carden
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