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The Fast and Easy Way to Health
18 Oct 2007

If you are interested in holistic treatment, cell rejuvenation, and toxic environments, you will be elated after you use the Ion Detox Foot Spa. We were intrigued with the TV commercial for the detox footpads and decided to investigate other options because of health conditions that require prescription medications. There are not a lot of non-invasive/non-medicated (even herbal use) options available for those that believe we are sick from the toxins in our environment. However, the Ion Detox Foot Spa does not require any medications including herbs to remove the toxins we absorb thru food, water and the air. You simply fill an 18 inch tub with warm (not hot) water, secure the wrist band, set the lap belt to the best temperature for you (I use medium heat), place your feet in the tub, drop in the ionizer (be sure it is covered with water), set the timer for 30 minutes and relax. Watch a movie or check email while enjoying a much needed soak for tired feet. The color chart that comes with the Ion Detox Foot Spa will tell you what toxins are leaving from your body through the pores of your feet. For those of you that are skeptics about this step, keep in mind that when you are sweating, you are loosing salt in the form of sodium. If you do not believe it, wear a dark shirt, have a good workout then hang the shirt up and let it dry. If you worked up a good sweat, there will be a gritty texture to the slightly stiff shirt and if you could taste the grit, it would taste salty.
After seven treatments with the Ion Detox Foot Spa, it was easy to determine that there were many toxins in my system. Not only was there an oily film over the water, but many black specs (heavy metals) floating around and in some cases, there was a heavy concentration of what looked like rust particles in the water. After cleaning the ionizer with a bleach solution to make sure that there was nothing coming from the machine, the water contained the same elements. In the beginning, there were black flecks after every use, but after a while, there were yeast particles and the concentrated rust particles. However, the most profound effect was the lessening of overall joint pain after each treatment. The Ion Detox Foot Spa has reduced the loss of mobility and flexibility from arthritic symptoms. I slept more soundly since there was a substantial reduction of joint pain and the need for much less over-the-counter pain medication. For more information regarding the Ion Detox Foot Spa; click here: Ion Detox Foot Spa

James Carden
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