April 1, 2016 @ 7:05 AM

The Chi Vitalizer Chi Machine is an immensely popular lateral motion Chi Machine that is superior to the original Chi Machine in numerous ways. It promotes spinal flexibility, better sleep and reduces stress levels. It helps to boost metabolism and lowers blood pressure. It contributes to back pain relief as well as muscle pain and neuralgia because of its feature that stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, spinal column, and vertebrae.

It oxygenates the cells to promote cell repair, rejuvenation and increased energy levels. Effectively releases toxins that have accumulated in your system throughout the day, thus allowing your body to increase its ability to fight off infection, repair damaged cells and improve metabolic efficiency. 

The Chi Vitalizer Machine increases circulation and promotes proper blood flow; many users experience a decline in blood pressure. It is extremely convenient to use. Not a weight-bearing exercise, thus providing a safe and efficient way for you to exercise.