March 29, 2016 @ 11:37 PM

People nowadays have become more mindful of their health thus turning to holistic medicine. Holistic Medicine refers to the healing or achieving a person's optimal health aspect of body, mind and spirit. It looks at a person as a whole and evaluates the physical, emotional, social, environmental nutritional and spiritual lifestyle values. It encompasses all known methods of treatment including drugs and surgery. 

Holistic Medicine, also known as alternative medicines cover a lot of therapy types; Here are some of the types under Holistic Medicine:

1. Acupuncture - the most popular type of holistic medication today. This is also the key component of the traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is most commonly used to treat pain by inserting thin needles through the skin at certain points in your body that will re-balance your energy flow.

2. Ayurveda - Originated from India means "life knowledge"

a. Basing on how the 5 elements -fire, water, ether, earth and air merge with the human body and soul and how these impact the infinite bodily functions. Some of Ayurveda's principles has been adapted by today's modern medicine

1. Reiki - a Japanese practice addressing stress and promotes relaxation by "laying on hands" and suggests that an unseen "life force energy" flows through the human body and what gives us life. Believing that when one's life force is low he is likely to be sick or stressed and when high, it gives him the capability of being happy and healthy.

2. Osteopathy -refers to the non-invasive manual medication of the total body health by treating and strengthening the body's musculoskeletal framework.

3. Homeopathy - is a system of holistic medicine basing on the idea: any substance that causes disease symptoms in a healthy person will cure the disease in an ill person." In as much as the idea behind this type of holistic medicine is found to be of contrary to scientific methods, this is being still used in some groups today. These are only some of the many types of Holistic Medicine. There are a lot, some even have influenced on the modern world medication.

The Original Chi Machine, named the "Chi Harmony" Chi Machine, was invented by a Japanese who invented a unique chi machine or chi exercise that moved the body in a simple side to side movement. 

Wellness and healing doesn’t need to be complicated, gently moving your body from side to side mimicking how the gold fish swims could give your body a tremendous medical benefits. The same principle being used by masseuse holding your ankle and swinging it side to side after massage as it relaxes muscle tension and maximizes the natural ability of the body to absorb oxygen. A machine that shares the same principle was invented by a renowned Japanese scientist named Dr. Shizou Inoue, originally the machine was named “Chi Harmony” and it is now popularly known as the Chi Machine or the Chi Exerciser.