March 12, 2016 @ 10:08 PM


Healing is not just about medicine, it is about the person as a whole which involves body, mind, spirit and even emotions. This is the very principle that holistic medicine believes in towards its objectives to optimum healing and wellness. In line with this, healing takes place with the coordination of Doctor, Patient and Healing practices as a team.

How does Holistic medicine work?

We all have the innate power to heal, we are born with such ability and it takes a self-discovery and taking responsibility with one’s well-being and lifestyle modification. This may include but not limited totherapies, spiritual counselling, diet and exercise. The types of treatment that will be received by the patient may differ to the patients’ health needs as holistic doctors use different practices from conventional medications to alternative therapies. If a patient walked in to a clinic with body pain, he is not sent out with merely medications like pain relievers, the holistic doctor will look into other factors that might be causing the patients’ body pain that may include physical activities, diet and health problems. Many of the over the counter medicines do not actually fix the cause of the condition but rather it alleviates the symptoms, you think you are experiencing healing because you are no longer feeling the symptoms but the condition remains as is.

How will you know you have the right holistic provider?

-          It is important that you are comfortable with your holistic provider, the patient does not necessarily understand everything but the treatment philosophy of the doctor should be something you can believe in or share similar views. It is very important that you and the doctor is on the same page as your mental and emotional stateis a big factor of the healing process.

-          Choose a provider that will take time to fully understand your condition.The healing process is more than just taking pills, make sure that your doctor examines all the contributing factors and he must give you a diverse treatment and therapies. In the same way prepare to answer questions about your lifestyle, spirituality and religious beliefs, eating and sleeping habits, relationships and emotional conditions, and many more.

Holistic healing promotes the healing power of unconditional love and embracing the wholeness with in you and it will ultimately improve the emotional, physical, mental and social condition of a person

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