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Cervical Collar Neck Brace - Soft Foam Support For Pain Relief By JDOHS

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Are you recovering from a neck injury or just want more support for your neck due to pain or discomfort? 

Get help from our New and Improved Soft Foam Cervical Collar!


These soft neck collars help to promote healing while preventing further injury with its gentle support and helpful proprioceptive feedback. The neck brace works by comfortably supporting your neck and reducing sudden movements that could further injure it. This neck support brace, if correctly positioned under the jaw, partially unloads the cervical spine by supporting a portion of the weight of the head. It also works as a gentle reminder to limit your motion. Since the foam is soft, it's ideal when you want some support while maintaining maximum comfort. You can wear in your sleep, office or while lying in bed. The ribbed cover allows air circulation to help prevent heat buildup and perspiration. The collars close with hook-and-loop fastening and fits most adult neck. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Offers Comfortable Neck Support. Relieves Pain and Pressure
  • Adjustable Soft Collar Can Be Used During Sleep, Aligns and Stabilizes Vertebrae
  • Relieves Pain and Pressure in Spine
  • Contoured For Comfort
  • One size fits 14" to 20" Neck, hook and loop adjustment provides a custom fit


Buy this Amazing Neck Collar Today and Get a Comfortable Neck Support Tomorrow!

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