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Fall Has Arrived and We Have A Limited Opportunity

Oct 21, 2015

Fall has definitely arrived in West Alabama. The last couple of mornings Diane and I have fired up the fireplace for several minutes in order to get the chill off the room so that we could enjoy our morning coffee. If it is still warm and cozy where you are I envy you. If like us here you are beginning to experience the first signs that winter is right around the corner then by all means get yourself and your dwellings winterized. that is also a good idea for your automobile! LOL.
We have another special for you today and it is like always on a first -come - first - serve basis. The great item that we have for you is one of our biggest sellers. I am talking about the latest version TDP lamp the CQ29-C or the CQ29-III as we refer to it. that designation came about becuse the letter"C" is the third letter of the alphabet. This is the latest or newest version TDP Lamp and it features all of the latest improvements. such as the new safety head with a burn shield. and the new duralite safety base that features 5 .legs which makes this lamp easier to move and more stable than the older and heaver 4 leg meta base. This lamp is really new but we are calling it an open box unit. and you can own it for below wholesale. So if you are interested then email me at: james@jdsorientalhealthsupply.com or call me my person number is 205-561-9781. the first one who claims it will own it.
We promised you that we would not bombard you with emails and we will continue to honor that promise to you all. so if you do not hear from us before I want to wish all those that celebrate (is that correct?) a great Halloween. or should it be a spooky Halloween? I am not sure as all it ever meant to me was a bag full of candy and a funny costume back in my kiddie days. If someone will enlighten me about this I will be sure and make the proper correction. But regardless, be safe, and have a wonderful time. And by all means, stay warm (:-)
God Bless,
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