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Why Do People Love Jade?

Jul 1, 2014

The Mysterious and Magical Stone - Jade
You might be surprised to hear that jade is a healing stone. Everyone seems to want jade, not necessarily for its beauty, nor for its monetary value, nor as an investment - but for its health benefits! In Asian cultures, jade is known for having healing properties which relaxes the nervous system and aids in removal of toxins. Moreover, it was not only the Asians who knew the healing power of this stone. The Egyptians, the Maori, the Aztecs, and Mayans also saw the significance of this stone. When the Conquistadors arrived in South America, they found people wore jade stones around their waists to alleviate kidney and stomach problems. Thus was coined our word for this beautiful substance.
Jade is composed of about 45 different types of minerals, and is a natural emitter of abundant far-infrared rays and negative-ion's. Known as a medicinal stone in many cultures, jade is believed to help enhance the healing effects of the body. It can well regulate the lungs, kidney, eyes, bladder, and blood sugar. Those who suffer from chronic disease like arthritis also notice an improvement in symptoms after wearing this gemstone. It has other healing effects on body as it helps to regulate heartbeats (palpitations) and breathing, jade also helps to address issues related to respiratory problems and circulatory problems.
Some of the most beneficial effects of jade are as follows:

Helps turn carbon dioxide into alkali in blood
Blocks electromagnetic waves
Promotes healthy blood circulation and eliminate body wastes
Offers anti-aging effects with softened and glowing skin
Shows great effectiveness against high blood pressure and diabetes
Helps recover from fatigue and stress faster
Helps heal arthritis and neuralgia

With its numerous benefits and beautifully various colors (you can find jade in green, black, brown, red, yellow, blue and mixed colors), jade is widely used for diverse types of accessories and health- or beauty-related items like jade rings and bracelets, jade massagers, jade stone beds, and more. If you would like to take advantage of the healing properties of jade then you will appreciate our far infrared healing mat that is covered with smooth natural jade disc combined with rare earth minerals for comfort.and increased effectiveness.
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