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Newsletter > Clinical Trials Prove That Low Level Laser Therapy
Clinical Trials Prove That Low Level Laser Therapy

Jul 31, 2012

The clinical trial involved 22 male subjects at two separate sites (44 total subjects) with skin phototypes classified as I-IV on the Fitzpatrick scale with hair loss patterns of IIa-V on the Hamilton-Norwood scale. Subjects were randomly assigned to either the active laser/LED group or the placebo group. All subjects were given a wearable system to take home and use 4 times per week for 25 minutes per session according to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved protocol. The primary goal was to demonstrate the percent increase in terminal hair counts from baseline at the end of 16 weeks of treatment.

Commenting on the results of this trial, the principal investigator, Dr. Raymond Lanzafame said “Research on the use of low level light therapy to treat male pattern baldness is ongoing. In this IRB approved study in male patients with androgenetic alopecia, the preliminary results of low level light therapy demonstrates this treatment strategy is efficacious. It is anticipated that laser and light based technologies will play an important role in managing this condition in the future”.

Here is the unit that was used in the clinical trials:
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