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Do You Feel Weaker After Exercise?

Mar 8, 2012

If you do, strength training is essential to your fitness regimen. Exercise alone will not make you strong. If it did, marathon runners would all have large muscles.
The stimulus that makes muscles larger and stronger is stretching them while they contract. When you lift a heavy weight, your muscles do just that – they start to stretch before contracting. This stresses your muscles and causes their soreness the next day. If you rest a day and let them heal, they’ll be stronger than before you trained.

In one study, obese non-athletic women were instructed to lift weights while on a restricted diet. They averaged a 35-pound weight loss in three months, and gained substantial muscle along the way.
This is great info for those of us who are wanting to lose a few pounds and tone up.
Back in my Hands On Days, A large percentage of my clients came to me looking for help with some form of addiction problem. Of course Weight Loss was at the top of the list. In a lot of those cases I found the client had unrealistic expectations of what my services could do. You know the story, come to the acupuncture session and you should be able to eat donuts and still lose weight. Hopefully you will find this information helpful. I can be reached at: http://jdsorientalhealthsupply.com or 678-528-3507 or you can Skype me.
Please let me know your thoughts on this, did this short article help you? this type of info comes across my desk on a regular basis. So if you enjoy this type of short brief information, I will be glad to send it to you.
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