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Infrared Lamps > Infrared Heat Lamp Floor Model with Manual Control, Stablizer Base
Infrared Heat Lamp Floor Model with Manual Control, Stablizer Base

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Orig. Price: $299.95
Sale Price: $199.99
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: IRKS-300

Infrared Heat Lamp Floor Model with Manual Control And Stabilizer Base

IRKS-300 Far Infrared Heat Lamp, Infrared Lamp, Infrared Lamps,Far Infrared Heat Lamps, Item No.: IRKS-300
Made in Korea
Item: Infrared Lamp with Adjustable Timer and Temperature Control
Package Info: 1 unit
Price: $ 199.99    
Category: Infrared Lamp

Infrared Lamp  With Burn Shield and Stabilizer Base

Sensational heat experience and excellent skin penetrability of the infrared rays provide amazing pain relief effect. This device is equipped with radiant heat cutoff feature which lengthens the light bulb's life 3 times longer than the previous products. This device comes with а remote control for the convenient use from a distance. Quick and Easy adjustment of the neck, for both vertical and horizontal needs. Made in Korea.

when the remote controller is plugged in, the main control panel is disabled.

Product Description:

  • IRKS-300 Infrared Lamp Set Voltage: 110V
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 250W
  • Usage Time: 30 minutes Max (2-30mins)
  • Lowest Height: 43"/1,100mm
  • Maximum Height: 63"/1,100mm
  • Weight: 5Kg (11 LBS)
  • Totally Silent Timer


* 6 Months Limited Warrant on Control Panel and Labor
* 3 Months Limited Warranty on accessory parts
* The light bulb is not covered by the warranty.

*Our Service Center is located within the US. We stock a full line of replacement parts 

Infrared Heat Lamp Floor Model with Manual Control

The IRKS 300 Infrared Lamp
 Floor Model with Manual Control is in stock and ready to ship


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