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Cupping Set > Cupping Set: Premium Cupping Set With 19 Cups
Cupping Set: Premium Cupping Set With 19 Cups

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Prod. Code: ACZPRMCUP19


Cupping Set with 19 Boilable Cups

Cupping set with case, cupping set includes a hand pump and a carrying case.


Start Your cupping Therapy with the Premium Cupping Set with 19 boilable cups

*Product components
cup #1(Dia. 2.0") x 13 pcs
cup #2(Dia. 1.75") x 1 pc
cup #3(Dia. 1.5") x 2 pcs
cup #4(Dia. 1.25") x 2 pcs
cup #5(Dia. 1.0") x 1 pc
vacuum pump x 1 pc
extension tube x 1pc
acupressure pointer x 10 pcs


Cupping set with plastic cups for cupping therapy.

P.C.:  material used for making baby bottles; resiliant to shock and heat; boilable

*How to use the cups and vacuum pump
1. Insert the top opening of a cup to the rubber opening of the vacuum pump.
2. Place the cup on the skin and pump 2 to 3 times to create vacuum.
3. After pumping remove the vacuum pump from the cup.
4. To remove the cup from the skin, lift the top lid to let the air in.

*How to use the acupuressure Ponters
Place the acupressure pointer inside the cup to achieve acupressure effect.

*How to use the extension tube
Connect one end to the top opening and the other end to the pump to perform cupping on hard to reach areas.

*How to clean and store
Sterilize in boiling water or wipe with alcohol.
Cupping set with 19 boilable cups. Deluxe Cupping set with extension tube.

The Preminum Cupping Set Is Instock and Ready To Ship

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