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Red Light Therapy Infrared Healing Wand  Infrared Heat Wand  Pro St-755

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infrared Pro ST755- Infrared Heat Massager Wand  / Same effect as moxibustion
The infrared Pro ST 755 Infrared Heat  Wand  red light therapy infrared healing wand
 that provides deep infrared heat that can penetrate far below the surface of the skin to produce a soothing, comforting effect upon the nerves. Use it to relieve painful sensations associated with common types of pain such as arthritis, bursitis, backache, tennis elbow, muscular pain,
Effective and safe: Far Infrared Heat provides pain relief without medication
Fast: you will experience pain relief within 10-15 minutes
Convenient: you can give yourself a treatment at any time you wish and as often as necessary
Simple: it's simple and can be used right in your own home
ISO 9001 / U.S. FDA/ GMP / U.S. FDA 510K / CE MARK/ MDD CERTIFIED / US Patent Pending
Model No. ST-302
This infrared Pro ST-755 Angled Head Infrared  Wand  was awarded the Quality Award of the medical equipment of national Bio-Technology and medical health Prize, by the National Bio-Technology and Medical health Committee.
The infrared Pro ST-755  Infrared Heat  Wand  radiates the most effectively infrared ray to dermis which is filled with nerve endings. By applying infrared heat, the natural body energy is stimulated to heal diseases and relieve pain helpfully. The effect of the Infrarex is as well as that of the heat therapy in Chinese traditional acupuncture and meridians system.
Working on the Guan Yan point (about 4 finger wide below the navel) and the Shen Yu point each 15 minutes everyday to result in an excellent body- fit.

• No need to worry about negative side effects caused by taking drugs
• Quick effect in 15 minutes
• Easily used at anytime and anywhere

 Power Onput  10 Watt
 Voltage  120 V / 60Hz
 Switch  High / Low / Off
 Wave length  7000A ±10%
 Treatment area  15.7 Inches
 Light 1 infrared bulb
 Dimensions  190x 80x 60mm
Infrarex, Infrared Therapy, portable infrared heat lamp  portable infrared lamp
The infrared Pro ST-755-Infrared Heat Wand Massager  is a lightweight, hand held infrared wand. That is perfect for those hard-to-reach areas, or for portable use. Two heat settings (high and low), provide warm and comfortable infrared heat therapy. The Unit measures 7" long with A 3" angled heating head, along with 55" long cord. Includes a10 watt infrared bulb and instruction manual. Replacement Bulbs are also available 


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