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Electro Acupuncture: Ito ES 160 Electroacupuncture Unit

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The Ito ES-160 Electroacupuncture Unit

The ito es-160 electrotherapy unit, The ito es 160 acupuncture Machine From Japan. Get the Best, buy the ito es 160 electronic acupuncture device.

Product Description:

The ITO ES-160 is the most advanced electro-acupuncture unit on the market with a 6-channel function. The lightweight yet sturdy design and desktop size make the ITO ES-160 the best choice in an electrotherapy unit for many professional healthcare settings. With eight various stimulation settings, this electro-acupuncture machine can accommodate a broad range of patient needs.

This state of the art electro-acupuncture device can store up to five treatment types and incorporate 16 memory settings, improving the efficiency of your treatment salon.

The portable probe features a push button selector to treat acupoints quickly upon discovery and regulate stimulation with the sensitivity dial. When points are located, an indicator is presented on the large LCD screen. Three easy-to-seeLCD displays alert users to point sensitivity, frequency (Hz), pulse width (µs), program modes, memory data, treatment time in minutes, and remaining battery power.

Accessories Included:

Search/stimulation probe, six electrode cords (assorted colors), 12 alligators clip-on (6 red/6 black), and operation manual.Batteries are not included. Note: Replacement wires and alligator clips are sold separately. 


Safety Features:

  • Safety Features include self-test,
  • Zero starts,
  • Emergency stop button,
  • High/low (H/L) switch on a side of the unit.


  • The ITO ES 160 electro-acupuncture device offers automatic power-off when unused for 5 minutes,
  • Sound on/off function,
  • Tone signal for the end of treatment.

   Buy the ito es 160 electronic acupuncture device.   

Product specifications: 

Output Channels: 6 (stimulates 12 points)
Volts and current: LCD, 0.5" x 0.9"
Low (L switch): 0 to 8 volts, 0 to 16 mA (milliamp)
High (H switch): 0 to 16 volts, 0 to 32 mA
Pen probe: 0 to 24 volts, 0 to 48 mA
Pulse mode/frequency: Constant 0.5 * 0.7 * 1 to 500 Hz
Burst 0.5 * 0.7 * 1 to 7 bursts (carrier freq 100 Hz)
Surge on time 4 sec, off time 6 sec (carrier frequency 5 to 500 Hz)
Fast-Slow 1 to 500 Hz (slow=fast freq/3)
Sweep 1 to 500 Hz (slow=fast freq/3)
Random program 1 1 to 6 Hz, preset program
Random program 2 30 to 100 Hz, preset program
Random program 3 2 to 100 Hz, preset program
Timer: 0 to 60 minutes
Skin impedance monitor: LCD meter (0 to 200 scale) with sound on/off function
Power source: 4 standard 1.5 volt C batteries (meter displays battery life)
Frequency indicator: LCD meter with sound on/off
Size, weight: 9.4" x 6.8" x 2.0", 560 gm, White


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The ITO ES 160 Electro Acupuncture Machine.

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