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Jupiter Water Ionizer: Athena Our Premium Countertop Ionizer

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Jupiter Water Ionizer Athena Premium Countertop Ionizer


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Athena the top performing Water Ionizer in independent US EPA certified lab testing



Investing in the Athena Jupiter Water Ionizer gives you the very best in return: top performance and features, ease of use, durability and styling. You also invest in the certainty of Emco Tech, the world's leading manufacturer of water ionizer technology. When it comes to performance, technology, durability and features, the Jupiter Athena water ionizer represents the absolute zenith in countertop ionization.

  • Dual Filtration for cleaner water - including The BioStone Filtration System
  • Top Performance for the healthiest water - the latest Mesh Electrode technology
  • Unparalleled durability - the patented DARC Cleaning System eliminates the scale buildup which deteriorates performance in all other ionizers
  • Unrivalled functionality. You never have to wait for a cleaning cycle - never even think about cleaning! The Athena gives you three installation options, counter top, direct pressure or undersink. And the Athena is has the most beautiful styling available!

The Athena is the proven leader in performance results in independent EPA certified testing. You want two things primarily from an ionizer: clean and healthy water. To understand the technological advancements you'll find in the Athena which create its outstanding performance

The Athena is the only Emco Tech ionizer that offers on-board dual filtration capability. It cleans your water to be 99.9% contaminant free, if using potable water source. The Athena incorporates a pre-filter and the revolutionary The BioStone Filtration system.

The BioStone Filtration System:
The Athena comes standard with a .1 micron BioStone filter, and is available in a .01 micron upgrade which filters all viral and bacterial contaminants. The upgrade is recommended for those on untreated water sources such as wells. Both filter options clean the water extremely well - yet allow the naturally occurring mineral content to pass through, which is essential for the ionizing process. You get clean and healthy water!

An ionizer is an investment. You will want your investment to last. The electrodes are the crucial component in your ionizer. All other units on the market clean by a simple reverse polarity - which still allows some scale buildup. The Athena offers the patented new DARC (Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning) system. This new system will completely eliminate the mineral scaling from on the electrodes ensuring you will have many long years of healthy water. With other ionizers, you have to wait during a reverse polarity cleanse to use the ionizer. The DARC system cleans as you ionize - so you never have to wait for a cleaning cycle to complete. You never have to give cleaning a thought!

More Installation Options and Functionality:
The Athena offers a flow control valve that allows you to fine tune the performance and gives you true functional control of the water pressure through your ionizer. There are no gimmicks or additional circuitry, just the time tested advantages of true flow control. The flow control also provides for the possibility of alternate installation options.

The Athena is one of the only ionizers that can be installed three different ways:

  1. At your sink with a diverter from the tap,
  2. At your sink plumbed directly to your cold water line. There is no diverter and you can operate the Athena while running the hot water out of your tap.
  3. Undersink completely out of sight with a small dedicated faucet (optional undersink kit required) . 

The Jupiter Athena Water ionizer is in stock and ready to ship

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