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Organic Pest Control: In-door & Out-door Complete Pest Eradication Kit

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Organic Pest Control

Complete In-door and out-door  Eradication of pests

Rid Your Home and Your Yard of Fleas, Ticks, Mites,

Kills Scorpions, Roaches, Ants, Silverfish and others


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Every thing you need to rid yourself, your kids, grand kids, pets, your home & yard of Fleas, Ticks, Bed Bugs, Lice, Mites and other parasites. Eliminates Scorpions, Roaches, Ants, Silverfish and others. Recommended by prudent VET'S as a replacement to toxic and non effective Frontline, Advantage and other SPOT DROP PET MEDS killing your pets. Invented by CedarCide Industries for the US Army for control of Sand Fleas and other pests in the Middle East. EVICTOR will undoubtedly go down in history as the most effective parasite control formulation ever brought to market. NO APPLICATORS LICENSE REQUIRED. No toxic chemicals in this product. Just food grade aromatic Red Cedar Oil and melted Quartz Rock. A genuine BIO based insect control agent. Not only does it command INSTANT DEATH to its arthropod recipients, it can be used on humans as a repellent for Mosquitoes, Chiggers, No-See-Um's, Flies and a array of other biting and flying pests. LAST RESORT MITE TREATMENT! Tested and proven by Iowa State University and acknowledged by the USDA as the number one choice of BIO Based Pesticides. THE PRODUCT OF CHOICE BY MAJOR HOTELS FOR BED BUG CONTROL. EVICTOR can be used on babies, including newborn puppies and kittens. The unique formulation prohibits solution migration into the bloodstream and subsequently, unlike DEET products, has ZERO effect on your nervous system. Heavy treatment levels will not create nausea in Cats and Dogs when used for elimination of FLEA INFESTATIONS. BEST YET can be used for the treatment of all types wood,cloth & leather furniture, bed and mattress, carpets and any other surface. Will not stain or attract dirt. KILLS FLEAS, Bed Bugs and Lice INSTANTLY. BEST YET also dissolves the eggs and larvae. Kills Sugar and Fire Ants upon contact. Excellent for treatment of HEAD LICE in children and adults. BEST YET will not burn the scalp or destroy hair follicles such as chemical treatments are known do. Use BEST YET for parasite control in your home, barn, hotel/motel or any commercial establishment. Application Rate: 1 gallon per 1000 square foot surface area using the compression sprayer. Not for use on plant life. The BEST YET KIT includes a specially designed 1/2 gallon compression sprayer, a 1 quart adjustable nozzle spray bottle and a 4 ounce non collapsible aluminum spritzer bottle for use as a travel companion. BEST YET works great as a scent mask for hunters while keeping the insects away. To use just apply a fine mist from any of the three sprayers. Contact with most insects will trigger immediate death. The pheromone interruption agents in Cedar Oil will create a barrier of entry making areas treated with BEST YET off limits to pests. Proven superior to any chemical counterpart available.

Cedar Oil Industries formulates a product called PCO Choice. It is a concentrate composed of 85% modified cedar oil and 15% Ethyl Lactate. Cedar oil is a natural essential oil that provides a pheromone interruption agent that impairs the insects mental capacity (fries their brain). When combined with Ethyl Lactate, a corn oil by-product, it becomes a bio solvent which is instrumental in triggering instant erosion and dehydration of the insects exoskeleton and subsequently, the egg and larvae. For every insect you see there are 99 more in egg and larvae stage. Exposure to a water solution spiked with cedar oil and ethyl lactate will destroy the egg and larvae stage, breaking the egg layer cycle and eliminating the next generation of insects.

PCO Choice in combination with large amounts of water sprayed from a hose end applicator that is supplied with the product will be instrumental in the demise of numerous non beneficial insects including but not limited to fleas, ticks, mites, mosquito's, scorpions, beetles, mole crickets, grubs, chinch bugs and many others. It has no effect on beneficial and pollinator insects such as butterflies or bee's which are sight driven. It will not hurt any of the amphibians or lizard family but will deter snakes from the treated areas. Wash down the side of your structures working from the building outward.

The first application is the most important and the objective is to make sure a liberal soak is accomplished to all areas including but not limited to the flower beds, shrubbery, grass and concrete areas and any standing water. Pour 4 ounces of the PCO concentrate into the cup of the hose end applicator provided with the product (cup has legend). Fill to the 26 Ounce line with tap water. Attach to the water hose, turn the lever to on and initiate spraying. Each cup of solution will dilute 20 gallons of water spray. When the cup is empty, repeat as often as necessary to complete the initial soaking. This treatment is very inexpensive and will resolve many other insect issues such as aphids and scale on plants, powdery mildew and all of the normal lawn fungal problems grassy areas experience.

PCO Choice loves water so periodic rains will enhance it's performance. Follow up applications should be conducted as required, depending on the local insect population your endeavor encompasses. If you follow this protocol, you can say goodbye to the fleas and any other pests you may have. And remember, an insect never travels more than 150 foot from where it was hatched. Having said that, treatment of your sacred area and a 150 foot distance from the area will make a off limits area to pests that you can now enjoy.

Using a hand held Atomizer (sprayer), preferably air compression in design, spray a mist of EVICTOR SOLUTION on the horizontal and vertical surface of the linen stripped mattress, box spring and headboard of the beds. Using the same procedure spray the furniture in the room with the same type mist, the objective being that of promoting death to the bed bugs, mites and fleas at large. Roll back any seams or material tucks of the mattress or box spring and liberally treat those areas with additional spray. Remove the cushions from any furniture and treat the bottom sides and the cushions wells. Chairs with cloth cushions should be treated on the bottom side as well as the top.

Using a compression type sprayer dispersing a fine mist of solution spray each and every square inch of horizontal floor surface including but not limited to the carpet, tile and wood floor areas. Spray the mop boards first and any drapes and curtains to at least 24 inches from the floor. Work backward from the farthest point of the room making sure a liberal amount of the solution is being applied to all areas. It is imperative that no area be left untreated. Spray the legs of all furniture and any lamp posts or other vertical supports. Treat any and all cupboard or vanity areas with a light spray.

EVICTOR is a contact killer as well as a pheromone interruption agent. It is also a penetrant and will erode the insect egg and larvae by promoting de-hydration.

The use of approximately 1 gallon of solution is required to satisfactorily treat a 1000 square foot room. 1 gallon per 1000 square foot of surface area is normally required to conduct a satisfactory control or preventative maintenance treatment.

Use the following fogging instructions. Use the Evictor It is suggested that a adjustable VMD (volumetric mean diameter) Tri-Jet Fogger be used to facilitate both dry and wet fog applications.

1 gallon per 1000 sq. ft.
Extra gallons availible up top.

Prior to fogging it is suggested that the seams and tucks of the mattress and any other cloth material be rolled back and treated with a mist or spray. The mattress should be removed from the bed so that both sides and total coverage of the surface can be treated. Using a dry to medium wet fog, discharge the fog directly on the mattress, box spring and headboard. Repeat the same application to all cloth covered furniture insuring that at minimum, a slight dampness of solution is detectable. Working backward from the far end of the room, aiming the fogger at the floor areas, disperse a wet fog over all Carpet and tile areas. Be sure to direct the fog under furniture and into corners and at least twenty four inches up from the floor area of any drapes in the room. Disperse a fog directly into any cupboards, drawers or closets. The amount of approximately 1 quart of solution per room is suggested to insure a 100 % elimination and prevention of immediate re-infestation of insects.

Before leaving the rooms start the air conditioner unit or air circulatory and allow it to circulate the air in the room. This will eliminate any dust mites in the AC system. Cleaning the filter is suggested as it will promote a fresh odor throughout the cooling/heating system.

It is suggested that the structure be closed and the fog allowed to settle for approximately 3 hours. At that time re-entry can be made and a cleaning in the normal manner can be accomplished.

The aroma of Cedar Oil will leave a fresh smell that is pleasing to the inhabitants. Any overwhelming aromas will dissipate in a matter of 6 hours. Rooms can be aired out if desired but it is suggested they be kept closed for at least a hour after treatment to enable a pheromone interruption event to impair and destroy the insects mental capacities and triggering their subsequent death.

100% Organic Cedar Oil Spray Nature's Pest Control

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