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A Oxygen Concentrator is used to generate Oxygen and  to properly meter the oxygen to the reciepent. Oxygen concentrators are often used at home and in clinical settings. The machine draws oxygen directly from the room air and does not use oxygen cylinders. Nitrogen is absorbed by the machine and released back into the room air, delivering only pure oxygen to the patient. An oxygen concentrator does not have the high-flammability risk oxygen cylinders have and does not need to be refilled. The primary use of an oxygen concentrator is to provide a high concentration of oxygen to patients. The air we normally breathe contains a larger percentage of nitrogen than oxygen. An oxygen concentrator consists of two cylinders that are filled with zeolite, which absorbs nitrogen from the air and passes it out to create a higher concentration of oxygen. The device then provides the patient with this oxygen-concentrated air through a tube. While the device is operating, its cooling fans ensure that the heat that device generates is being dispelled, keeping the device cool so that it can run efficiently. JD's Features Quality Refurbished Oxygen Concentrators suitable for professional or home oxygen therapy. 

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy Also Known As EWOT

EWOT stands for "Exercise with oxygen therapy."  Your brain and nervous system need fuel to not only to survive but to efficiently receive and transmit signals-their very purpose.  Every year, from the time you are born, your body loses 1% of its ability to utilize oxygen.  By the time you reach 40 years of age, you've lost 40% of your ability to utilize oxygen.  Oxygen delivery also is affected by anemia and postural distortions that hinder chest expansion and therefore breathing, which further compromises this system.  By utilizing exercise with oxygen, you can improve oxygen delivery and therefore nervous system function


The History of EWOT

EWOT, which was originally called Multi-Step Oxygen Therapy was developed by the German physicist and researcher Dr. Manfred von Ardenne in the 1970's. Von Ardenne (1907-1997) was one of the most accomplished scientists of the twentieth century. He took out approximately 600 patents in fields including electron microscopy, medical technology, nuclear technology, plasma physics, and radio and television technology; and was awarded numerous honors and prizes for his work.

How To Take Advantage Of EWOT

EWOT does not require a prescription. No oxygen tanks to pay for each moth. All you need is an oxygen generator which takes room air and removes the nitrogen, providing up to 95% pure oxygen. Simply wear the one of-a-kind open delivery OxySport Headset to oxygen enrich the air you breath during exercise. Healthful benefits of EWOT can be attained with just three simple aerobic workouts per week. All you need is a quality oxygen concentrator that will provide from  the minimum of 5 Liters Per Minute (LPM) through to 20 LPM.


How To setup your Oxygen Concentrator


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