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Product Description

The RemStar Auto CPaP Machine by Respironics is manufactured in the USA and provides state of the art equipment for all of your CPaP needs. The RemStar Auto CPaP can be used with or without a humidifier. The RemStar Auto CPaP is easy to use and simple to clean.

A RemStar Auto CPaP is an ideal flow-based Smart CPAP for use in the home. Its proactive algorithm looks for and adjusts to a patient’s needs based on optimal and critical pressure levels. The new Encore Pro software allows you to track snoring, elevated leak levels and apnea/hypopnea. It’s easy to see why the RemStar Auto CPaP is the smartest CPAP made.

The RemStar Auto CPaP was created to intelligently deliver precisely what you need and puts all-new levels of control, compliance and efficiency right at your fingertips.

The real advancement for the RemStar Auto CPaP is its ability to point out when a patient is experiencing symptoms beyond classic OSA. Using technology that can identify clear airway apneas and periodic breathing, the RemStar Auto CPaP immediately indicates the potential need for specialized therapy. With the new RemStar Auto CPaP, all events can now be verified by looking at detailed patient flow waveform data captured by the device.

What makes the RemStar Auto CPaP algorithm so different? The algorithms can manage an event in the early stages rather than waiting for it to occur. Small degrees of flow limitations are usually present before the onset of a complete obstruction or apnea. The RemStar Auto CPaP algorithm is designed to proactively seek out these early indications and adjust pressure to resolve the event before it happens.

There are many CPaP choices on the market today and your medical provider should assist you in deciding which one would best fill your CPaP needs. If you and your medical provider are looking for new technology and dependability, then this Respironics CPaP machine is the one for you…Professionally Refurbished to New Condition with a 90 Day Repair or Replace Warranty. - FREE Shipping in the Continental USA


  • C-Flex™
  • Flow-based, automatically adjusting CPAP
  • Sleek, modern appearance
  • Hour/Session meter accumulates usage sessions >4 and total hours used
  • In CPAP mode, deluxe ramp capabilities allow a 0 - 45 minute time period with a patient adjustable ramp start pressure
  • Lighted patient buttons with improved feel are located on the CPAP unit to control it and the heated humidifier
  • Improved carrying case offers exceptional padding and is big enough to carry both the CPAP unit, mask and heated humidifier
  • Encore Pro SmartCard compatibility
  • Detailed daily reports from Encore Pro
  • FOSQ
  • International power supply with lightweight, snug-fitting power cord
  • Icon-based display makes set-up easier
  • Integrated handle for easy transport
  • Automatic altitude compensation
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • 4 - 20 cm H2O pressure range
  • DC operation
  • Washable pollen filters and optional ultra-fine filters
  • 90 Day warranty


RemStar Auto CPaP Product Specifications:

  •  Made in the USA
  •  Easy to remove and attach humidifier
  •  Auto dimming LED helps create a darker room for easy sleeping
  •  Compliance meter breathing detection
  •  Auto Titrating – Pressure levels will automatically change throughout the night to reflect the patient’s needs.

    Pressure Range: 4 to 20 cm H2O
    Ramp Time : 0 to 45 min. (5-min. increments); CPAP mode only
    Starting Ramp Pressure: 4 to CPAP; patient-adjustable; CPAP mode only

    9.45" (l) x 6.69" (w) x 4.72" (h)

    24 cm (l) x 17 cm (w) x 12 cm (h)

    Weight: < 4 lbs (1.8 kg)
    Filters: Pollen and optional ultra-fine
    Device Set-up: On-board keypad and (SmartCard Not Included)
    Data Storage Capacity: 6 months @ 3 usage sessions/day;
    7-9 days in-depth data analysis
    Data Storage Content: Date/time, duration at pressure, patient event histograms, short-term detailed events, long-term
    Compliance Meter: Breathing detection
    Altitude Compensation: Automatic
    Electrical Requirements: 100 – 240 AC, 12 VDC
    DC Power: Direct-connect cord
    Warranty: 90 Days

RemStar Auto CPaP Dimensions:

  • 7 x 11 x 4 Weight
  •  4.2 pounds

Warranty: 90 Days

FREE Shipping within the Continental USA

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