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Polaris CPaP Machine****NEW UNIT****

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Invacare is pleased to offer the Polaris CPaP Machine

Polaris cpap machines for sale

Product Description

Invacare is pleased to offer the Polaris CPaP Machine; a sleep therapy line of easy-to-use products that increase patient compliance while remaining cost-effective. Invacare is committed to upholding the high levels of quality and reliability that are synonymous with the Invacare brand.

Most CPaP’s use a variable speed blower to provide flow at a constant pressure. To maintain this pressure, the CPaP blower must rapidly increase or decrease its speed relative to changes in the user’s inhale or exhale flow. However, changes in blower speed may not occur rapidly enough to maintain a constant mask pressure, resulting in pressure swings. The Polaris CPaP Machine technology uses an active, variable resistance valve and a constant speed blower to significantly enhance response time and reduce pressure swings. Polaris CPaP Machine changes in valve position divert air away from the user during exhalation and direct air towards the user during inhalation. The end result is increased user comfort, which can lead to better compliance.

Enjoy freedom and flexibility with the integrated Polaris CPaP Machine system in place of conventional, component separated CPAP systems. This Polaris CPaP Machine by Invacare has been NEW CPAP MACHINES  these units are not refurbished!

Polaris CPaP Machine Product Specifications:

  • SoftX Technology (detailed below) is standard on all Invacare Polaris EX CPAP units
  • Three SoftX settings, as well as standard CPAP
  • Integrated with the Polaris EX EZ-Fill Humidity
  • Controls for the humidifier are contained in the CPAP and are activated when a connection is made
  • Compatible with the Invacare Poseidon Passover humidifier
  • Quick Code (detailed below) compliance information is easily accessed and communicated to providers by patients
  • Touchpad with illuminated LCD on top of the unit provides convenient access to simple operation and setup
  • Patient can easily adjust comfort settings such as SoftX level, ramp time and humidifier temperature
  • Weight:4.2 lbs
  • Washable, easy-to-clean filter
  • Dimensions:12.5″ x 8.5″ x 5.2″
  •  includes bag & hose

Polaris CPaP Machine Product Details:

  • Operating pressure: 4 – 20 cm H2O 1 cm H2O increments
  • Automatic altitude adjustment <= 11,000′
  • Ramp operation: 5 – 45 minutes 5 minute increments
  • Adjustable starting pressure
  • Power supply: 100 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz, 19 VDC
  • Air filter: Washable foam
  • Operating range: 40F – 104F 10% – 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • Storage range: -30F – 150F 10% – 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • 90 days
  • FREE Shipping within the Continental USA
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